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Advertising your business through paper methods (ie. leaflets and posters) is vital for success, but nowadays this alone is just not enough. With the generation of Social Media ever increasing, this audience equates to a vast amount of potential customers and sales. There is a whole online sphere out there full of marketing and advertising opportunities for your business – that you are currently missing out on. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are all online platforms where your potential customers hang out, so we ensure that your business is not missing out by posting at least one update a day. Our Social Media Marketing service enables your business’s online presence to build and blossom over time, and as your existence on Social Media grows, so will traffic to your website.

  • of the world’s population uses the Internet 45%
  • of the world’s population are active on Social Media 29%
  • indicate that Social Media is vital for their business 88%
  • of users prefer to connect to brands through Facebook 80%

We Offer

A range of Social Media packages to cater for businesses and budgets of all sizes, to find out more, please see below. These prices represent a monthly fee based on the use of three social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. If you have any questions, then please do get in touch at the bottom of the page:



  • 30 Unique Updates Per Month
  • 90 Total Updates Per Month
  • Monthly Report



  • 60 Unique Updates Per Month
  • 180 Total Updates Per Month
  • Monthly Report



  • 90 Unique Updates Per Month
  • 270 Total Updates Per Month
  • Monthly Report



  • 120 Unique Updates Per Month
  • 360 Total Updates Per Month
  • Monthly Report

Platinum Plus


  • 200 Unique Updates Per Month
  • 600 Total Updates Per Month
  • Monthly Report

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If you are interested in our Social Media packages, or have a query, then do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team who are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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